limerick 26


there are nests built on poles of jack pine

where they suit mama ospreys just fine;

when their eggs start to hatch,

news is quickly dispatched

to their friends via telephone line.

–photo by me

11 thoughts on “limerick 26

      1. Haha! My computer has called me flowerpot often too. We have to teach our computers about ‘poetic license’ and such for creative naming. You can call me Flowerpot, Flowerpoet or Shelley as you wish. I was named after the poet Shelley and wore a little sweater as a child that had ‘Oh wind if winter comes can spring be far behind’ knitted into it. 😁 I only wish I could be a fraction as good a poet and worthy of a few lines in a future publication somewhere after I’m dead. Lol. Actually I have no illusions of fame and fortune as a reward for writing. I’ve seen what celebrity does to people and have no wish for that either. If I live to 90 I’ll probably do an edit on everything I’ve written. 😁 Wishing you all you wish for as a writer/ poet. ✨💕


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