Haibun: Stars


I’m following a trail into the woods tonight to get a better view of the moonless, starry sky without the light pollution from the city. It’s getting darker as I go, and my eyes are finally adjusting. I can’t believe how spectacular it is–the sky is beginning to look like powdered sugar spilled on black velvet. Venus is so bright, it’s actually casting a shadow.

If only my camera could do justice to this celestial extravaganza!

It’s so peaceful out here. The pines are like gentle giants swaying in the breeze under a canopy of dazzling stars. I can’t help but smile.


we’re made of stardust

ergo, our lives are truly

written in the stars



–photos by me


8 thoughts on “Haibun: Stars

  1. Beautiful! Even with our light pollution here Venus and the Moon were amazing a couple of nights ago. How lucky of you to see this! Thanks for sharing.


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