Last Shot 12/31/19

final caduceus

I thought I would finish out the year with a shot of one of my diamond willow walking sticks, Caduceus. I love working with diamond willow; its easy to carve and has a mix of beautiful grains. I usually give them away; I like carving as a hobby, not a money-making chore.

Also, I’d like to add this disclaimer concerning any and all resolutions I may foolishly spout circa New Year’s Eve:

The resolutions

I may make

Are unabashedly

All fake;

There’s not a chance

That they will take,

But what the heck–

They’re fun to break!

Happy New Year!!


–Photo by me

7 thoughts on “Last Shot 12/31/19

      1. Oh Michael that walking stick is gorgeous! Walking sticks are quite common here in our mountain town, local artists have come up with all kinds of ideas for walking sticks . Some even include a small compass. I know you’re aware of how much money you can make on your walking sticks! But all the love and time that goes into the creation of just one walking stick makes it priceless! Nicely done! And the little ditty that followed! Resolutions… pfft.😀


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