Haibun: At Twenty Below


I’m out for a hike in the woods on this frosty December morning. It’s about twenty below (F) out here, so I’m quite encumbered with layers of clothing. It gives it all a surreal feeling, like I’m walking on the moon.

The snow under my feet makes the same crunching sound as my corn flakes did earlier. My breath freezes instantly on my beard.

I feel sorry for the deer and other animals out here that have to endure this cold for months to come. I know they have winter coats, but so do I, and I’m freezing already!

I crunch my way along, wondering how snakes could possibly survive this.


when out in the snow

at twenty below, even

your shadow turns blue



–Photos by me

20 thoughts on “Haibun: At Twenty Below

  1. never imagined , just walking in the snow has this much deep beautiful observation . while crunching snow and capturing nature comes out as beautiful poem cracking internet 😀 very nice observation.


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