haibun: true colors


As I follow a path through the woods on this perfect autumn afternoon, I am amazed at the broad spectrum of beautiful colors splattered all over these trees. It’s like I’m walking down the corridor of a great, out-door art gallery, each exhibit more lovely than the last.

The maples are my favorite, of course. With their yellows, oranges, and reds, they look like they’re on fire. Some have a translucent, marmalade look, while others are half green and half red.

I realize that this is the natural, true state of the forest, and trees are only green when the summer weather allows their life-processes with chlorophyll to dominate. Perhaps it’s like that with people, too; during most of our lives, we are too preoccupied with “living” to be our real selves.


the leaves fall and die–

but not without first showing

us their true colors


–photos by me

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