Haibun: Rock Solid


My son Aaron and I like to go on “adventures” together as often as we can. Today, we’re at the very rocky North Shore of Lake Superior, or Gitchi Gami, as the Indians called it, meaning “Great Sea”. It’s the world’s largest fresh-water lake, and has the highest elevation of the Great Lakes chain.

We’re climbing around on the massive rocks to try to find a good shot, and it’s so hot, I’m tempted to dive in. There’s a constant squawking of sea gulls and other birds as they keep jockeying for better positions on the rocky islands just off shore. The relentless waves slap against the unyielding stone. A tall sailboat silently slides by.

As I stand here and gaze out over the vast expanse of water, I suddenly feel very small, and I realize how lucky I am to have this precious time together with my son.

* * *

a shore of great stones–

solid as the bond between

a father and son


–photos by me

Double Take


There are blonde little ponies

Out here everywhere;

They race with the wind,

And it tousles their hair.

But look a bit closer–

You’ll find, as you pass,

The blonde little ponies

Have turned into grass.

–Photo by me