True Sights & Hog Sounds


I’m staring at the clock;

I can hear the cog sounds

As I’m kneeling here to pray

For some simple, true sights,

But people come and knock,

And my faithful dog sounds–

So I’ll make them go away

And go look for new sights.

I stop down at the dock–

You should hear the frog sounds!

And walking all the day,

I find quite a few sights,

Like a farmer and his stock

Both making hog sounds,

So a warning, if I may:

You cannot undo sights!

Photo of the Day


This shot shows the intense focus my new cat Loki has, and yes, he certainly lives up to his name. Isabelle was 17 years old, and slept most of the time; Loki likes to tear around, bouncing off walls, and generally causing trouble, but he’s very lovable as well.


–Photo by me

Look Up


Beyond our

Earthen carousel,

The stars,

In vast array,

Light up

Our cosmic carnival–

The twinkling

Milky Way.

The fairway

Teems with stars,


Five hundred

Billion strong;

Look up

And see the galaxy–

It’s open

All night long.