our little mid-western

town was truly blessed

the day she was born

she had a rare beauty

inside as well as out

she was so ravishing

that the other girls

weren’t even jealous

it was beyond that

she made them proud

to be a friend of hers

proud that their gender

had produced such

an exquisite creature

her radiant smile

could reach right out

and cure any illness

every single person

that she had ever met

instantly loved her

hearts ached for her

shy boys would run off

when she floated by

her angelic radiance

enveloped our town

and everything thrived

but the day came when

she had to move away

out west to california

to where she belonged

and though life went on

in our mid-western town

it was never the same

Limerick 9


I thought that I knew what now meant,

Till I used it to date an event;

Now my lingering friends

Claim that now never ends

But the now that I meant came and went!