I would know

final slavery

If I had been

Born long ago

There’s certain things

That I would know


I would’ve felt

It all along

That slavery

Is cruel and wrong


Men and women

I’d surmise

Are equal in

Their maker’s eyes


I’d stand upon

The highest ground

And I would know

That Earth is round


And standing there

Beneath the sun

I’d know that all

Of life is one


8 thoughts on “I would know

  1. I want to agree as is depicted in the attached photo.
    The capability of evil against fellow humans when they become chattel can become exponential in its injustice. That exponential potential, poisons the culture, and that is where we find world history.
    From an honest perspective I must ask myself, “would the callousness of repeated injustice witnessed from infancy forward shape my world view?” Most likely yes. I may have not liked it but I would have likely accepted its norm.
    I do not address the vicious treatment of beatings etc. Those types of actions were typically viewed as wrong as spelled out in the Judeo-Christian view (ancient writings). Slavery and bond-servitude was one way a person destined to die a slow starving death could survive. It was normal globally.
    We certainly do abhor it now. We are the lucky ones, aren’t we?
    Peace to you Michael.

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      1. I felt that message in its delivery Michael, and that’s how I read it. The visceral reference is the convicting source of our consciousness that sets a deeper tone. Well done.

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