to my late wife (8 yrs today)

4 by 3

we lay together on the lawn

and watched the northern lights

you said they looked like dancers

swirling around in gossamer gowns

i disagreed

i said they looked like neon curtains

rippling and ruffling in the cosmic wind


we swung together on the porch

and discussed our future plans

you said we should put money

away for our golden years

i disagreed

i said we probably should spend

it before somebody else does


we waded together at the beach

and gazed out over the water

you said there must be a god

being the good, trusting one

i disagreed

i quoted hemingway, i think

being the know-it-all ass


now, i’m sitting here alone

under a beautiful full moon

and i’m thinking that if you

were here, you’d tell me it’s

made out of green cheese

and i’d agree

i would so agree