dance of the madmen

in darkness

just before the dawn

the madmen dance

out on the lawn

spin, scuttle, clop

for in the light

a toothless grin

or sunken eye

or drooling chin

betrays the madness

deep within

spin, scuttle, clop

they promenade

and curtsy low

they all join hands

and dosey doe

spin, scuttle, clop

and as the threat

of daylight spreads

they waltz their way

back to their beds

to dance all day

inside their heads

spin, scuttle, clop


(orig. posted 2/17)


5 thoughts on “dance of the madmen

  1. This is a remarkable and curious poem that I can see being studied and discussed by literature and psychology students and all kinds of intellectuals as they explore your words for decades to come. Did I mention that I admire and respect your artistry? 🙂


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