darling, I’ll never care

if we live on a prayer

if our silverware’s

just stainless steel

if our diamonds are glass

and our gold is but brass

as long as our love

is for real

Cold-hearted Wind


A bold, cold-hearted wind

Slipped discreetly into town;

He was out to look for victims,

And he fast came swooping down,

But he ran into a snowdrift,

So curvaceous and fair,

That he caught her in his icy grip

And threw her in the air.

And ’round and ’round they whirled

In the closest kind of dance;

He had swept her off her feet

With his whirl-wind romance.

She hoped he’d never let her go,

She really thought he’d stay–

‘Til he dumped her on a rooftop,

Blew her off, and flew away.



–Getty Images