The Challenge

guy in rain

As I was walking home one night,

A thunderstorm blew in,

But I would not be hurried

Though the rain would soon begin.

Lightning arced across the sky

In splendid disarray,

And for a moment night appeared

As naked as the day,

And though the wind began to drive

The rain against my face,

I challenged Heaven’s fury

And I kept my steady pace.

The sky unleashed a deluge

As the wind began to roar,

And soon the blinding sheets of rain

Had drenched me to the core.

It wasn’t long, the rain let up,

The wind began to die,

And soon a warm and gentle breeze

Began to clear the sky.

The stars came out like shining jewels

Adorning Heaven’s dome —

The storm had passed, and now at last

I ran like hell for home!