I met a man

Who had a plan

To make me

Very rich,

And I was low

On cash and so

I listened to

His pitch:

For a fee,

He shared

With me

The secret scam

He knew,

And if you send

Ten dollars,


I’ll share it

With you too.




sun’s a bitch

sun's a bitch

we three were

a merry three

the sun

the wind

and me

we danced

with ease

upon a breeze

while daisies

bowed in

verdant leas

but then the

wind was

called away

and couldn’t

stay to play

one day

the sun and I

we really tried

to have some

fun beneath

blue skies

but soon

I found our



until at last

the truth

sunk in

the sun’s

a bitch


the wind

summer city sounds

bus stop

a distant siren dutifully

ricochets all around the

tall downtown buildings

in the summer city heat


across from my bus stop

the children at the park

erupt with intermittent

piercing primal screams


a dog with a death-wish

howls every 2.5 minutes

as a jet passes overhead

and the traffic surges on


yet through all the noise

I can still hear my bus as

it accelerates into traffic

a good 4 stop lights away

trying to tan

guy with burn

I went out in the sun

I was white as wonder bread

still I stripped down to my shorts

and I bared my balding head

I looked just like a Q-tip

as I laid out on the spread

and I guess I fell asleep

for I woke up flaming red

I thought I’d get a tan

but I’m lobsterized instead

and now I’m truly worried

as to what will lie ahead

for the thought of even moving

now fills me with dread

I’ll prop myself up

for the night on my bed

I’m sure I’ll get big blisters

until my skin is shed

and probably by morning

I’ll wish that I was dead

I guess I didn’t listen

to what my mother said

don’t lay out in the sun

when you’re white as wonder bread