devil 2

in the mirror of truth

when we come face to face

with the devil that hides

in our most sacred place

we will have to admit

we portrayed an illusion

and now we can’t help

but to see our delusion

yet it comes with a gift

having seen our true selves

for at last now we see

the true everyone else




souls 2

crystal balls

fall all around

and shatter

as they strike

the ground

while silently

we march

en masse

o’er bloody

drifts of

broken glass


how beautiful

the crystal sphere

a perfect orb

so pure and clear

yet hold a shard

up to the sun

and rainbows

shine on



(orig. posted 4-16)

cosmic dream

irreg gal

in my mind’s eye

i catch the solar wind

and sail the cosmic stream

i pass by great port cities

burning through the night

a billion lights agleam

standing on this ebon bow

silently i sail the stream

beyond these cosmic ports

within this cosmic dream

Jack Pine

right pole

His name was Jack Pine

And he died for our sins,

Still he stands there in line

With his wires and pins;

While other trees ’round

Freely reach for the sky,

He is lashed to the ground

Without roots and bone-dry.


There once came a day

When his wires went dead,

For man found a way

To use cell phones instead;

Still he stands there in line

As the new age begins–

His name was Jack Pine

And he died for our sins.