Crazy for Carol


Crazy Carol is the most beautiful girl

I’ve ever seen, yet she is very alone.

She slinks around town with her dog

In that same old Goodwill ensemble

And is quite confused that everyone

Acts so nice and friendly to her face,

Yet no one wants to be a real friend.

Standing before her spider-webbed

Full-length mirror, she sees herself

Broken up into all those pieces and

Asks aloud, “Could it be the cracks?”

Well, maybe I’m crazy too, because

I’m falling for her, craziness and all.

alien world


I remember when as a young boy

playing house pilot in my F-16

I would throttle back and

rapidly descend into

my mom’s junk

jewelry box

where I







of metals

and watches

and alien stones

and was so bewitched

I had to fire the afterburner

to make sure I’d clear the far wall


–photo by me


blue balloons

when day turns into night

and dark defines the light

imagination gladly serves

to commandeer our sight


we might see gory goons

or birthday boy balloons

intense phantasmagoria

or disneyesque cartoons


since all we see rewinds

soon every person finds

there’s consequences to

what we feed our minds




ghost town


the ore is all gone

it was gone long ago

yet folks lingered on

they had nowhere to go

now even the ghosts

have dissolved in the heat

the only things left

are this side-walk and street

i remember the street

on the fourth of july

we stood on the curb

my best friend and i

with firetruck sirens

and flashing lights on

but it’s history now

the ore is all gone

–photo by me