To Grampa (2050 CE)

global warming

The waters are warm

And supercells form

You took all the calm

And left me the storm

For all you were worth

I was heir to the earth

How could you not care

You were there at my birth

You knew all along

That it was all wrong

Polluting the air as

You sang me a song

You’re not here to blame

So I’ll live with the shame

In this world you left

I still carry your name


–Photo by me

7 thoughts on “To Grampa (2050 CE)

  1. Your poem does effectively underscore our individual (and collective) responsibility for the effect we are having on our environments and the effects on future generations. Those of us who believe in rebirth also understand that we will inherit the consequences as well. So, the solutions start with an understanding and demonstration of spiritual values in our daily lives, recycling, simplifying, etc. Each of us can contribute something to the well being of all. 💝


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