Spring Break ’74


We were only two ‘ludes

Or so out of Minneapolis,

When we came upon the

Old St. Croix River bridge

Bringing us to Wisconsin.

We were really pumped

For our first Spring Break

And just couldn’t wait to

Arrive at Daytona Beach.


Well, just then we had a

Spring break on my old

’53 Chevy pick-up truck,

So we sat there a while,

smoking a couple joints

While we contemplated

The fate of the universe

And our latest situation.

Then, the acid came on.


I do vaguely remember

The six of us wandering

Around amongst some

Very freaked-out cattle,

With Dan blowing cows

massive shot-guns until

They were quite baked.

Meanwhile, the rest of

us were singing, I think.


I laughed so hard, my gut

Hurt for a couple weeks.

None of us can recollect

How we’d made it home.

We never did make it to

Spring Break back in ’74,

But my only true regret

Is that I lost my custom

Hippie ’53 Chevy truck!

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