green legs

i dreamt my feet

had turned to roots

held firmly

in the ground

and all that i

could manage was

to think and

look around

and standing there

attached to earth

i couldn’t help

but seeing

that i’m a part

of everything

and not a

separate being

Moving On (Or Not)


I sat at the window

In my lonely house

And scrutinized the

Sad summer moon.


Find another lover


On the lawn below,

A lurking black cat

Shape-shifted thru

Indistinct shadows.


Move on, she’d said


The soft moonlight

Somehow soothed

The all-enveloping

Sorrow in my soul.


Swear it on my life


I reluctantly got up

And threw my butt

Away as well as my

Old marriage vows.


You made a promise


In minutes, I was at

A single’s bar, both

Hoping and hoping

Not to find a lover.

The Moirai

old witches

I was mad at the world

When my wife passed away,

And I carried that

Rage to no end;

On a dark, lonely night,

I took off through the woods,

For I had to

Confide in a friend.

On the path through the woods

In the pale moonlight,

Stood the Moirai

Beneath an old tree,

With their life-thread and shears

And old spindle in hand —

They were standing

There waiting for me!

I looked at Atropos

With her life-ending shears,

And I asked her

About my late wife:

Why she’d cut off the line

So unhappily short

For it tragically

Ended her life.

She methodically said

She had cut the life-thread

At the place that had

Been measured out,

So I backed down and turned

To Lachesis instead,

And I asked how that

Place came about.

She was vexed, I could see,

When she answered that she

Measures out what

Is given to her,

And I knew there and then

That the last of the three

Chose the date that

A death would occur.

So I asked of Clotho,

With her spindle in hand:

Had she reasons for

Choosing that date?

And she hushed me right up

By informing me that

Even gods cannot

Alter their fate.

Well I knew she was right

And my anger was quelled,

And instead now

I started to weep,

There was no one to blame,

So I headed for home,

And I let my poor

Friend get his sleep.