Deer Friends

deer III

My woodland friends stop by every day for a snack, and I hope to have them feeding out of my hand before long. They seem like such timid, gentle creatures, and yet they can be quite mean to each other.

I made this feeder out of snow for them with two troughs and a partition between them because the “bully” of the group wouldn’t let the others eat. As you can see, it didn’t work.

I just thought I’d share a typical winter morning here in northern Minnesota, deer included. Ya, you betcha. Living up here in the sticks has its drawbacks, but we sure have deer friends.


–Photo by me

7 thoughts on “Deer Friends

  1. Yes! When we first moved out to our cabin-turned-home, we fed the white-tail deer in the back yard. I loved waiting sneakily on the deck for them to appear each evening to gobble up whatever we had left. I was shocked at the big bullies that would come in there and chase the little babes away! Nobody believed me, but I’ve seen it!


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