Old Hippies


Old hippies still believe

In a paradigm shift in

Global consciousness

That will usher in

A new age of grace

And peace on Earth


Old hippies still believe

That goodness triumphs

Over ignorance in time

And all the world will

Attain enlightenment

And become as one


Old hippies still believe

In the Golden Rule

And preserving

Our Mother Earth

I know because

I’m one of them


–Photo of me by my son


Breaking Camp

camping moon

For weeks we had camped

In the Land of the Loon;

Now our spirits were damped–

We were leaving too soon.

How we wished we were staying!

Here we felt so in tune

With our playing and laying

‘Neath our own sun and moon.


pretty woman

our little mid-western

town was truly blessed

the day she was born

she was beautiful

inside and out

so beautiful

that the other girls

weren’t even jealous

it was beyond that

she made them feel

proud to be her friend

proud that their kind

had produced such

an exquisite creature

her radiant smile

could reach out

and cure illness

every single person

she had ever met

instantly loved her

ached for her

she was so gorgeous

that shy boys ran

her angelic radiance

enveloped our town

and we thrived

but the day came

when she looked west

west, where her and

her kind belonged

she moved out to L.A.

and somehow

we went on in our

little farming town

but it was never

the same



flittering, fluttering

lighter than dust

she’s flaunting

her marbled

mahogany wings

and even the flowers

are so envious

they stare

on their stalks

at the beauty

she brings

–Photo by me