waiting and wondering


i gaze into the depths of space

and contemplate our cosmic place;

we’ve scanned the skies for other life

and never found a single trace.

but if some day we find it, then

(it’s less like if and more like when)

at last we’ll know our rightful place

as lonely gods or slighted men.


–Art by me





the soft

morning light

a spider’s web glows

life and death are played out

on the shimmering sunlit lattice

and it reminds us that every

thing is temporary

and all life

is as


–Photo by me

Trickle Down Syndrome


Once upon a simpler time

A land was found so nice

That people came

From all the world

To share the paradise.

The leaders, in their wisdom,

Formed a great democracy,

And every person had a voice,

And every man was free.

But as they wrote the laws,

There was a fact

They didn’t heed:

That freedom

Can be undermined

By man’s inherent greed.

One day they chose a leader

Who had said he’d

help the poor,

And though the man

Was filthy rich,

He wanted more and more.

He told the people

That the way to make

Their system healthy

Was to dig a little deeper

In their pockets

For the wealthy.

As you guessed,

The poor got poorer–

The rich would never share,

And so the people voted in

A greedy billionaire.



night mission


i slice through the thin night air


my shifting shadow lies

a thousand tiny lights

slide around the metal

of my bicycle

i suppose it’s a bit


for the drivers to see me

in their headlights

racing on in the night

with two bags of


(Originally posted 12/16)