A Curious Man


One day a curious man came to town;

He stopped at the bar, and he bought us a round.

We talked all about the upcoming election–

How we needed a man with a brand new direction.

He said, “Yes, I know, we’re all in the same boat,

But it seems just a waste of my time to go vote.”

We all were appalled, and I asked the man, “Why?”

“Well my vote doesn’t count, sir, unless there’s a tie,

And the chances of such are exceedingly small,

So you see my one vote doesn’t count after all.”

I jumped to my feet and said, “That may be true,

But tell us, then, what if we all thought like you?”

The curious man took a drink, cleared his throat,

And shrugging his shoulders, he said, “Then I’d vote!”


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