Out Damn Clock


Alas, the brand new clock I’d bought

Soon prompted my dismay,

For twelve o’clock was blinking

On its digital display.

My boss would soon discredit

My occasion to be late:

An electrical malfunction

I could not substantiate.


I called him on the telephone

And told him what transpired–

I told him I was sorry

And he told me I was fired.

I smashed the clock and cut myself

And in the trash it flew;

They say that time can heal wounds,

But it can make them, too.



Loud carets of geese

Insert themselves northward

In the cool spring sky

Rock On!

rock on

2:24 AM

The infant

In my arms


That she be

The center

Of the Cosmos

The minutes

Tick by slowly

As grandpa rocks


The creaking

Hardwood floor

Is trying

To get me

To remember

Some old

Ozzy tune

The minutes

Tick by slowly

As I rock on


Selfish now

But in 18

Years or so

She will


Every part

Of herself

For another

The minutes

Tick by slowly

Prophets of Doom


Prophets of doom

Have always said

That any day

We’ll all be dead


The end is near

The veil falls

An Earthquake

Breaks the

Temple walls

Hell freezes over

Donkeys fly

In Chicken Little’s

Falling sky

The Mayan calendar

Runs out

The trumpets sound

The angels shout

The Son of God

Comes back again

A comet brings

A fiery end

Atomic war

Destroys the nations

Shiva’s wrath

Aborts creation


Prophets of doom

We still are here

We only wish

You’d disappear