Rhyme of the Ancient Astronauts



When we surveyed the planet Earth

From deep in outer space,

We found that she was giving birth

To you — the human race,

And when we came down from above

To teach you right from wrong,

And show you of the ways of love

And how to get along,

You said you needed to be free

To learn things on your own,

And so we listened to your plea

And left you all alone.

But then, alas, when we returned,

We found, much to our horror,

That what the human race had learned

Was weaponry and war,

And so we watch you from afar,

And patiently we wait;

Perhaps we’ll wish upon a star

While you decide your fate.

Mountain of Snow


Silently swirling


And twirling

A mountain of snow

Softly falls

On our town

There is no escaping


And shaping

The mountain of snow

When it’s done

Coming down

But I’ll be debating


And hating

The mountain of snow

As I shovel

So long

For there’s no curtailing


And bailing

The mountain of snow

When the plow

Comes along

Ode to a Telephone Pole



His name was Jack Pine

And he died for our sins,

Still he stands in a line

With his wires and pins.

While other trees ’round

Freely reach for the sky,

He is lashed to the ground

Without roots and bone dry.


There once came a day

When his wires went dead,

For mankind found a way

To use cell phones instead,

Still he stands there in line

As the new age begins;

His name was Jack Pine

And he died for our sins.