Macy’s Parade


Thanksgiving Day 2020


Dear Rida,

You know what’s halal and what’s haram, Aqsa. Mama is driving me insane! That’s all she can say, nowadays — she’s the one with the issues. And I’m sure Papa would quite agree with me, especially now that I’m a teenager. If anything, living like this, hiding like a cockroach for two years now, I am beyond my years!

But all is not bad. Ahmad and I crept up to the attic and watched Macy’s Parade all day — it was grand! All the bands and floats and…so many happy people! My heart can barely contain itself as I write these words. Rida, they even had a float to commemorate all the Muslims dying at the Wall.

We almost had to laugh when a sudden gust of wind threatened to pull the rope-handlers of the Statue of Liberty float right up into the air. They really had to struggle to hold onto her!

Yours, Aqsa

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