Me & Maddi


This is me and my grandbaby Maddi–its hard to believe I was ever this young. When I was her age, ’57 Chevy’s weren’t classic cars yet, they hadn’t been made yet. We thought the year 2000 was so futuristic; the world would surely be like the Jetsons, flying cars and all.

Well, its 2016 and we’re still waiting on the flying cars, but the real technological progress has far exceeded anything we could’ve dreamed of. We do have cars that drive themselves, personal computers (remember Eniac?), and if someone would’ve told us about smartphones and the Web, I doubt if we would’ve believed them.

Still, I think I was brought up in the best of times for small, Midwest towns, and I’m glad I was around for the technology explosion, but there is one more thing I’d like to see happen before I croak: alien contact. I suppose the day after I die, aliens will contact us, and give us the formula for immortality and some seeds for kick-ass alien weed.

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