Women are powerful beings, although many of them are unaware of their power because they’ve been subjugated by men their entire life. And why do men do this to women? Out of fear; us men know of women’s power.

Imagine Big, bad, weight-lifting, 350 pound Baba in the visiting room at prison. He’s feared through-out the prison–he’s doing life with no parole–and when he walks by, the toughest men cringe. And now, a bent over little old lady, all of 80 pounds, slaps him hard across the face, and all he does is say, “Sorry mama, I’ll try not to cuss again.” That women wields enormous power.

The writers of old tried to “keep women in their place” too. A woman was made from the rib of a man. A woman was responsible for the downfall of mankind. A woman’s testimony is worth half a man’s (Islam), the list goes on and on. Personally, I’m not afraid of women, I adore them, such awesome creatures! May they embrace their incredible power.

One thought on “Goddesslessnesses

  1. Hi Mike,

    I keep running into Kirby, Brian & Bruce (mostly at the 4th of July Parade) so I kinda keep tabs on you, but I would sure like to get together sometime. Deb sent me this link to your blog when I was out doing field work last week so I am just getting to it now. I’ve enjoyed the few things I’ve read so far and look forward to reading more at lunch.

    Again, I would really like to reconnect if you are willing

    Hope to hear from you soon,


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