Ways of Wizards



I met a wizard one day by a creek;

I sat down and listened when he started to speak.

He spoke of the nature of space and of time,

He said they’re illusions construed in our minds,

He told me we were made from the ashes of stars,

And that some of my grandkids will be living on Mars.

He said that the grass was every color but green,

There’s no future and no past, but only in-between,

In other dimensions, beyond the known three,

Inertial momentum becomes gravity;

He told me of things so amazing and grand,

That most of his words I could not understand.

He saw my confusion, to him I was blind,

He said the solution was to open my mind.

He reached in his pocket, and smiling at me,

He pulled out a locket and inside was a key,

He said, “Take this with you wherever you go,”

“And in turn you will learn everything you must know.”

So I started to search; to look for a door

That the key would unlock, so I could learn more.

I searched every cranny, and all little nooks,

In streets and in alleys and even in books;

I searched a whole lifetime for that hidden door–

I searched every when, where, why, and what for.

Then one day it hit me, I must’ve been blind

Not to see that the key had really opened my mind,

And now I’m a wizard, and I’m telling you

If you sit down and listen, I can make you one too:

Take this old key, try every door you can find,

And one day you’ll see that you have opened your mind.


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