A Not-So-Distant Shore



Adrift upon the Sea of Night

And lost in shades of black and white,

I saw a friendly, dancing light

Upon a distant shore,

And as I left my bleak repose

And sought the dark expanse to close,

Beyond the light, a voice arose,

Then two, then three, then four.

I raised my sails, set my sights

And hastened toward this light of lights–

The voices raised to lofty heights

And filled my heart with cheer;

This place I knew so little of

seemed filled with peace and joy and love,

I laughed and praised the Lord above,

But then, as I drew near,

I found a void between us ran,

And though no hardy sailin’ man,

I battled hard the gulf to span,

So deep, so long, so wide.

The sea grew rough, my ship was tossed

It wasn’t long, I knew I’d lost

The chasm’s breadth could not be crossed,

I hung my head and cried…

And then I woke and left behind

The Sea of Night inside my mind;

I looked around the room to find

My kids playing on the floor,

And suddenly it came to me

The voices were my family!

I rose and held them lovingly

Upon that distant shore.

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